Take Action Now And Help Fight Income Inequality in Rural America

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Right now, through the Biden Jobs Plan, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fight income inequality and grow prosperity in small towns and rural communities.

But unless there is broad support for these development programs, there is a real possibility that they’ll be cut during negotiations with Republicans.

We’re sending our elected officials a message telling them to allocate $60 billion to build locally grown prosperity through Rural Development programs at USDA. We’ve created this online tool that makes sending a message to your Representatives and Senators in Washington, DC simple and easy. Please join with us and use this form to send your message now.

If we’re going to fight income inequality and regional disparities in the United States, we need bold federal programs that address persistent poverty—especially in Appalachia, on Native American lands, across the Southern “Black Belt,” in the Mississippi Delta, and throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

In this campaign, we are joining with rural development experts that are pioneering locally-led strategies to improve rural housing, grow small businesses, and expand renewable energy, targeting resources in ways that will optimize community opportunities to thrive, especially rural places experiencing distress.

But this isn’t a fight that will be won in Washington, DC. We need to send a strong message to our elected leaders demanding that they invest in building resilience in America’s small and rural towns by fully funding income inequality programs through the Biden Jobs Plan.

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