New to Rural Organizing? Let's get started. is a national network of civic leaders, organizers, and activists fighting for our hometown based out of Columbus, Ohio

Getting Started

I want to create positive change in my rural community. Where do I start?

There’s no doubt about it. The first step is always the hardest. Over 90% of rural Americans believe that the small town and rural way of life is worth fighting for but knowing where to go from there can be tough. We find that the best way to get started is to learn from other organizers who are already doing the work. While our internal team can’t answer each and every one of your questions, we created a Facebook group for people just like you. You can join our Facebook group for rural change makers by clicking here. Join this group and ask questions. Our members include first-time change makers and long-time veterans and they’d love to help answer any of your questions.

How do you support organizers, candidates and civic leaders?

We work with hundreds of leaders who are either employed or volunteer with other rural organizations, autonomous leaders who want to see change in their rural communities, and established organizations to ensure rural organizing best practices are shared across the ecosystem. We believe that rural organizing should generous, not jealous; so, a large piece of our work is lifting up the rural organizing efforts of other organizations. You can find our partner resources below.Additionally, we see ourselves as a Rural Support Desk and provide 1:1 and training support to anyone doing the work to rebuild Rural America. You can find a list of our trainings below. Contact us for more information!

Resource Library

Partner Resources

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