Running Campaigns in Rural Communities

Related Articles compiled this resource to ensure progressive civic leaders have access to the latest public opinion research and field best practices for engaging voters in small towns and rural communities. This resource is not intended to replace our colleagues’ amazing library of campaign resources but rather focus on the rural elements of campaigns that often get overlooked.

We believe every rural organizer, civic leader, and community group should have access to our extensive research, polling, and messaging toplines to run strategic and winning campaigns in your small towns and rural communities. We’ve pulled together our best public opinion research and recommendations as to how to engage rural voters in your community.

Download this resource to learn how to:

  • Run locally informed campaigns and incorporate *free* data into your platforms
  • Integrate high-visibility tactics into your campaign
  • Prioritize and incorporate online security practices

If you’re running a campaign in a rural area, seeks to be a resource. If you’d like to set up a 1:1 or request a presentation, please email our campaigns team at [email protected].

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