Tag: Improve the rural quality of life

Briefing: Data Resourses for Rural Prosperity PART II – Navigating Grants.gov

Join RuralOrganizing.org Education Fund and Grants.gov personnel for a learning session on navigating available data resources to help small towns and rural communities move...

Colorado River Water Users AvoidMandatory Use Cuts – For Now

In a last minute deal reached before the May 30 deadline, federal officials have agreed to pay westerners to use less water from the...

A Funeral for a Coal-Fired Power Plant in Ohio

A funeral is an emotional experience that helps participants grapple with both the good and the bad. That's what artists worked to capture in "Calling...

Conflict of Interest Habits Spread from Oil and Gas to Offshore Wind Development

Difficulties in transitioning the US to renewable energy is not limited to your on-shore town. Off-shore wind is growing at break-neck pace as a part...

$1 Billion in Kentucky Flood Damage was Exacerbated by Decades of Strip Mining Damage

Estimated costs for renovating or rebuilding the 540 destroyed and 4,500 severely damaged homes from last July's Kentucky floods could reach $1 Billion, say...

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