Four tenants have committed to fill spots in an 11-vacancy industrial park under construction in Hayden, Colorado, creating anticipation of 55 new jobs and a welcome transition plan away from coal.

Hayden, Colorado, at just under 2,000 people, depends on coal for most of its tax base, but as Colorado has committed to closing all coal-powered plants by 2030, the town needs to transition, and fast.

The town submitted an application for the Build Back Better Regional Challenge created by the American Rescue Plan (ARP), but it was unfortunately not selected. Instead, the town was successful in attracting $5.2 million in grants from the Economic Development Administration (EDA).

The Steamboat Pilot reported, “At most conservative estimates, you’re talking over a $70 million valuation for the first phase,” Mendisco told a joint meeting of Routt County commissioners and Hayden Town Council on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022. “Commercial assessed value could be, on the second phase, about equal to that, depending on what develops there.”

President Biden and his administration have made strong commitments to an equitable transition away from coal power, supported by the EDA’s own commitment and an intergovernmental working group, not to mention the dozens of nonprofits and philanthropists doubling down on this economic goal.

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